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Open Orchestras


Bespoke musical notation system





Open Orchestras works with schools and other organisations to enable young disabled people to play music, whatever their level of ability. At the heart of the programme is a growing library of adapted musical repertoire by composers including Beethoven, Pachelbel and Monteverdi. Each piece of music has been distilled to its essential ‘building blocks’, that can be put back together in any number of ways. 


The team needed a designer with a working knowledge of musical notation to set up the building blocks and create the scores. Using their existing brand identity and a starting point for some bespoke notation created by Bristol design studio Extra Strong, I developed the notation system and created a set of musical scores which form part of the package offered to schools. 

“Many thanks for all your beautiful creations and diligent work! It’s been great working with you on this.”

- Doug Bott, Musical Director, Open Orchestras

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