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Baroque Music Festival, Corona del Mar


New logo and visual identity

Advertising brochures, leaflets and forms

Letterhead and envelopes


Founded in 1981, the annual Baroque Music Festival, Corona del Mar, is a firmly established fixture on the Southern Californian musical calendar. For the 2019 season, its directors decided to update the festival's visual identity, at the same time maintaining continuity and respecting its long and successful history. 

For the new logo I created a stylised shell and scroll motif and combined it with a beautiful typeface from Laura Worthington. The colour scheme features a dark orange inspired by the colour of the stringed instruments, with black and orange text on a white background and full-colour photography. Printed brochures and leaflets were launched for the 2019 festival.

“We love our new logo and color scheme! Modern and fresh, but with delicate illustrative details, it perfectly reflects the Festival’s ethos. Thank you, Georgia, for your wonderfully creative and detailed work.”


- Elizabeth Blumenstock, Artistic Director, Baroque Music Festival, Corona del Mar

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