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Anton Bruckner Choir



Web design and build


Posters and flyers

Concert programme booklets


Anton Bruckner Choir is a chamber choir based in London, founded and conducted by Christopher Dawe. Named after the celebrated nineteenth-century Austrian composer and organist, it has given over sixty performances in London and abroad since its formation in 1995. 


Design work for the choir since 2015 has included posters and flyers, concert programmes, a new logo (inspired by a set of organ pipes) and a new website.

“Georgia’s designs have transformed our marketing materials and taken us to a whole new level of professionalism. As well as a new, modern-looking logo, we have a consistent look to all our materials: great timing as we increase our international touring and work with ever more prestigious musicians.”


- Liesje Thomas, Chairman,
Anton Bruckner Choir

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